Distal fractures of tibia along with fbula and ankle dislocation is one of the orthopedic problems seen in the area of fracture treatment. These fractures and dislocations can cause various complications such as non-union, bad union, ischemia caused by vascular damage, skin necrosis, and soft tissue damage of fracture, in addition to compartment syndrome, and venous congestion. The patient in this case study is a 12-year boy who suffered from right lower limb trauma due to a motorcycle accident. The patient underwent orthopedic surgery for internal fxation of bones and right ankle stability. After the surgery, the patient’s right leg was swollen with severe venous congestion. The patient did not respond to conventional treatments, and so, the physician ordered leech therapy- according to a letter written by the physician to the traditional medicine clinic. The leech therapy was for the treatment of venous congestion in the patient’s right leg. Due to a severe trauma, major surgery, and post-operative venous congestion, the patient suffered from the melancholy in the surgical area, and the bottom of foot, and consequently, the whole body. The patient’s venous congestion and severe swelling were signifcantly decreased after four stages of leech therapy on the basis of Iranian Traditional Medicine in two weeks with 10 leeches, and signifcant recovery was recorded. After two months of treatment by his physician, the patient underwent a successful surgery for a skin graft on anterior leg, and then was fully recovered. According to the process of patient’s recovery and signifcant treatment of patient’s leg edema and congestion after leech therapy, it seems that combining the Iranian modern and traditional medicines can be a solution to such diseases.


Double Distal Fracture of Tibia and Fibula, Ankle Dislocation, Iranian Traditional Medicine, Iranian Leech Therapy


Hassan Hajtalebi, Hassan Khani Iurigh, Hamid Reza Hajtalebi

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