Introduction: Diabetic foot ulcer is among the serious problem for diabetic patients, so that the annual incidence of this problem is from %0.1 to %4.1 in diabetic patients and the probability of its incidence is over %25 during the diabetic individuals life.

Case Presentation: : The patient was a -74year-old woman with diabetes for more than 20 years and hospitalized with complaint of diabetic foot ulcers, and uncontrolled blood sugar, and sepsis at Emam Reza hospital of Bojnurd in March 2014. She was under the primary treatment of sugar control drugs and infection control. The patients foot ulcer did not respond to current treatments, and the amputation order was made by Orthopedists advice for patient. The patient referred to traditional medicine clinic for counseling. The patient had a sore on big toe of right foot and the severe inflammation was spread over the other fingers and continued to ankle. The wound had cyanosis and severe infection for at least two months. During this time, the patient was treated with modern medicine methods which did not have effective treatment result, so that the patients wound and overall health situation was getting worse every day. After entering the traditional medicine clinic, the patient was under the control of health and nutrition. Pharmaceutical measures in this patient were according to disease temperament and conditions including the medicinal herbs, combination drugs, and modern blood sugar control drugs. The manual measures were utilized including full back cupping every night until the end of therapy, and leech therapy inside and around the wound with 6 medium to fine-size leeches in 10 sessions once every 3 days. The diabetic foot ulcer healed completely, the patients physical and mental states improved, and her blood sugar is controlled after 40 days of treatment.

Conclusion: Given the patients healing process, it seems that combining the modern and Iranian traditional medicine as Iranian Effective Medicine can treat most of the common diseases and it is essential to perform a wide range of assessments and studies in different diseases based on the teachings of medicine.


Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Leech Therapy, Traditional Medicine, Modern Medicine, Iranian Effective Medicine


Hassan Hajtalebi ,Hassan Khani Iurigh ,Hamid Reza Hajtalebi

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