Introduction: Wart is a contagious dermal disease with different types. Wart has long-term treatment with symptoms of multiple relapses, which involve larger surfaces. It has no defnite medical treatment in traditional medicine and the provided treatments encounter restrictions and side effects especially in the facial warts.

Case Presentation: Iranian traditional medicine (ITM) has provided different, economic, and low cost treatments for warts. One therapeutic method is using Myrtus communis L. (Myrtle) topically. The goal of this study is to investigate the efcacy of Myrtle as a method of ITM. In this study, we present two patients with common warts. They are from Iran and live in Yazd. They were taken Myrtle topically on their body but not on their faces.

Conclusions: The facial warts of both cases have completely cured by using Myrtle. We hypothesized that Myrtle not only have antiviral effects but also may have a systemic impression. It can use topically on a part of body with influence on the other parts. Myrtle is especially useful for facial warts. These two cases highlighted a new method for treatment of common warts especially facial warts and it needs more investigations


Medicine, Traditional; Warts; Myrtus; face


 Mohamad Bagher Minaei ,Elham Ghadami Yazdi Mohamad Ebrahim Zadeh Ardakani, Fataneh Hashem Dabaghian, Ali Mohammad Ranjbar, Mohamad Rastegari, Ali Ghadami Yazdi

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